Bear Claw Carpentry Inc.
is owned and managed by Ryan Byron.  He dedicates himself to each project he does.  Ryan's skill has allowed him to work with a variety of beautiful woods both soft and hard.  These include but are not limited to; Purple Heart, Walnut, Alder, Oak, Pine, Maple, Cherry and Bamboo. With a focus on detail and accuracy he aims to please.  Quality is most important and we stand behind all our work.  We take pride in our craftsmenship and will perfect all curves, smooth all surfaces, and make sure each miter is tight. 
About Us
Covering locations in Northern Colorado and the Front Range area since 2004. Bear Claw Carpentry Inc. can perfect residential or commercial jobs and looks forward to working with you!
Our goal is for each customer to have 100% satisfaction with the final product and the way it was acheieved.
"    Bear Claw Carpentry did a fantastic job and I enjoyed working with this company.  Ryan provided personalized service that nobody else has been able to provide to us.  He went out of his way to assure that we were totally satisfied.  He spent a lot of time researching many different options for us and provided us an outstanding product!  Ryan is definetly the best finishing carpenter I have ever seen.  He did a great job! "      ~ Lloyd  ( Fort Collins, CO)

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